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New packaging in known design

After the successful reconstruction of the company building outside and inside, there are further changes taking place in other areas of the company, too.


From 2017, a gradual exchange of the existing product packaging took place. Many customers still know the typical design of the pyramid and candle arch boxes from their childhood. The basic look still remains, but many packages are now made from other material.


Well visible from afar, in 2017, a new, large Candle Arch with Angels with Pleated Skirts was mounted on the new company roof. Completed by a huge Christmas Pyramid with Glass Bells and large angel figures (20 cm) in front of the Shop “Kunststube”, every passerby immediately sees what is produced in the building.


The powerful photovoltaic system on the company roof

At the beginning of 2018, www.erzgebirge-shop.de was tested by the Händlerbund association for its function and legal correctness and was finally certified in April.
In a development process lasting several months, the company’s merchandise management system was connected to the internal database, and simultaneously merged with the two existing shop systems. Overall, there were different IT-technical improvements in all work areas.
At the same time the second online shop www.engel-erzgebirge.de was updated, refreshed with modern design and improved with many new features.


In the summer of 2018 solar panels were mounted on the roof of the company building for a modern, high-performance photovoltaic system and connected to the power supply network. Now the company is almost energy self-sufficient. A chip heating system, which is fed with residues from our own production, provides heat for the three-storey building. The energy for the production of traditional products is provided by the sun – even enough that spare electricity can be fed into the general electricity network. “With this complete package, we are among the pioneers in the field of sustainability among the Erzgebirge wood-based workshops,” says Uwe Blank.

The old facade before the plastering work.


By August 2018, the grounds have been completely finished and the building looks perfect with a fresh plaster.

Erzgebirgische Craft presented in style.


In autumn 2018 the shop “Kunststube” was upgraded with a new presentation area designed by the owner himself. The shelf made of solid wood and precious glass inserts is stylishly illuminated with LED strips and offers an exclusive exhibition space for all kinds of genuine Erzgebirge craftsmanship.



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