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Our Blank Incense Smoker, produced under the brand name Franz Karl, combines traditional Erzgebirge craftsmanship with modern economical changes.

After C. Blank retired, the Blank business was formed by “Engelmanufaktur Blank”, managed by Gerd Blank on one side, and “Blank Kunsthandwerk”, owned by Uwe Blank on the other. Both businesses employed more than 60 people while producing and selling the famous Angels with Pleated Skirts, Incense Smokers, Nutcrackers and Christmas Pyramids from Blank and Franz Karl all over the world.

On 1st October 2011 the Shop „Kunststube“ moved from Chemnitzer Straße to Lengefelder Straße in Grünhainichen. After two years of reconstruction, Blank Kunsthandwerk welcomed its customers in a new elaborately restored retail shop, which impresses with antique furnishings and a huge offer of handmade wooden products.
The event was celebrated with a special Angel in limited edition (no longer available), which symbolically holds the keys for the new shop in its hands.

Interior of our former Shop “Kunststube” in Gruenhainichen, Lengefelder Strasse.

In 2012 the master craftsmen initially managed to press a long wooden skirt for angels in the same perfect quality that is known to collectors of our wooden angels. To date, natural wooden Angels with Long Skirts have only been available with uncreased robes, because it is difficult to press long wooden skirts without burning marks. From that date on, Blank Kunsthandwerk had a new product line again, which is constantly expanded.


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