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Two merry Angels with Pleated Skirts dance to the sound of a Christmas carol.

The array of products from Blank Kunsthandwerk continually grows.

In 1989 the wall fell and in spring 1990 the Blank family decided to return the nationalised business, where the famous Angels with Pleated Skirts have been produced since generations, to family-ownership again.
After long and difficult debates with the former trust company the business was purchased back even before the Day of Reunification on 3rd October 1990. Two businesses were found. First, “Blank Kunsthandwerk GmbH – Erzgebirgische Traditionserzeugnisse“, led by Gerd Blank who then also entered the family business, and „Blank GmbH – Kunsthandwerk aus dem Erzgebirge“, owned by Uwe Blank. Since then, all products are published under the name BLANK.

The business moved into the building, Chemnitzer Straße 26 in Grünhainichen. There, the assortment was continually expanded in reference to old designs of Georg Beyer and with new developments like the magnificent Candle Arch with Angels, oval Music Boxes and the unique Cloud Back Panel.
A new tradition developed, too. There is a “Christmas Pyramid Event” with open house day every second Sunday in advent season since 1994.

In 2002, “Franz Karl GmbH“, a business in Venusberg producing Erzgebirge Folk Art like incense smokers, nutcrackers, Christmas pyramids, Christmas tree ornaments and candle arches, was bought. Later in 2002 existing bank accounts were closed by the savings bank which ended in an unsecure financing and both Blank businesses had to declare insolvency.

Since 2002 Blank Kunsthandwerk owns the right to produce and sell articles under the brand name of Franz Karl.

The Franz Karl business was not involved and continued working.


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