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Turnery (Halbautomatendreherei) app. 1958. Production of turned parts in the former site Chemnitzer Straße 5 in Grünhainichen, where production took place until April 1994.

New bar turning machine KNOHOMA. f.l.t.r. Georg Beyer with the mastercraftsmen Claus Grämer, Wolfgang Rothe, Günter Blank and Helmut Schmidt.

Georg Beyers friend Kurt Lehnert, a businessman from Grünhainichen, helped him and on 1st October 1955 they found a business called “Heimatkunst Kurt Lehnert KG, Grünhainichen“, where Angels and Chess Pieces were made. Kurt Lehnert became commercial director and Georg Beyer technical director. The business grew quickly and soon kept more than 100 workers in its employ again.

In 1972 the business was nationalized and Georg Beyer, always arguing with the SED-Regime (Socialist Unity Party of Germany), was dismissed again.
Later he was indeed recruited again, but never in his old position as technical director. Georg Beyer’s last task was to glue felt parts under the chess pieces he has invented. In 1985 he died after a long and difficult illness aged 81 as a broken man

But Georg Beyer’s work was not lost at all. Christine Blank, his daughter, who has a degree from the Industrial School Grünhainichen, already worked with him as a technical designer in „Kunstgewerbewerkstätten Olbernhau“ and later in „Heimatkunst Grünhainichen Kurt Lehnert KG“. Her husband Günter Blank was also employed in the business from the beginning on. After his craftsman’s examination in 1962 as wooden toy maker he became business unit manager and trained many apprentices.

In 1980 Christine Blank acquired a small craft business in Hennersdorf, a small village near Augustusburg, and named it „Günter Blank – Kunstgewerbliche Erzeugnisse“.
The conditions in Hennersdorf were not optimal and shortly later the premises had to be vacated for another application. Günter Blank decided to build a new business building at the “Birthplace of the Angels” in Grünhainichen, Schrebergarten 1.

The sweet sound of the patented Christmas Pyramid with Glass Bells is unique.

The new house was already occupied in 1982 and so the production of the famous Christmas Pyramids with Glass Bells continued. The Angels for this Pyramid often were distributed for export only by the VEB (state owned business), former “Heimatkunst”, because the production capacities of the VEB were limited and seldom left articles for the DDR trade.

Shortly before the fall if the wall in October 1989, the business employed twelve workers. One of them was Uwe Blank, the second son of the Blank family, who entered the business in 1983 in third generation and acquired his craftsman’s examination as wooden master toy maker in Seiffen in 1986.


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