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The inspiration for the first wooden Blank angel was a children’s book: “Firlipuzzli”.

One of the original designs by Georg Beyer.

1948 Georg Beyer was asked by the council of the district Marienberg to establish the first „Kommunalwirtschaftliches Unternehmen“ (short: KWU; “Business of Municipal Economy”) from a small carpentry in Olbernhau. There, he also produced his patented Travel Chess Set.
Back then, Georg Beyer had a very creative time and developed different new products – from wooden toys and dwarfs to Easter Bunnies and Flower Children. But the Angel was still a figure he found most fascinating.

Inspired by a children’s book, where a small angel called “Firlipuzzli” discovered the world, Georg Beyer had the idea to develop a wooden angel with a pleated skirt. It was not easy, but after many sleepless nights and many failed attempts, the first wooden Angel with Pleated Skirt came into being in 1948.

However, it did not take long time before a great assortment of different angel musicians, gift givers and flower children came into being. The foundation for a popular collectors series was made.

The established company, which was soon renamed in “KWO Kunstgewerbe Werkstätten Olbernhau“ developed quickly and employed more than 100 workers in the 1950s. It mainly produced wooden articles of daily use but also the first Angels with Pleated Skirts in series.

One page of the catalogue from “KWO Kunstgewerbe-Werkstätten Olbernhau”.

Georg Beyer’s time in Olbernhau ended suddenly after an argumentation with the party secretary. He was dismissed summarily. Luckily he was allowed to keep the designs for his Angels with Pleated Skirts.


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