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Christmas Pyramids

It is an established part of our Erzgebirge tradition and is one of our most typical interior (and exterior) decorations for Christmas: the Christmas Pyramid.

It uses the rising heat of candles to spin a propeller above, which is attached to a long pole in the middle serving as fixing point for one or more platforms. Those platforms are mounted on several levels and serve as presentation space for nativity figures and other themes.

The best known Christmas Pyramid from our production is the unique and patented Christmas Pyramid with Glass Bells (Art.-No. PG 002 und PGF 002) equipped with our famous Angels with Pleated Skirts. You will love the sweet sound of its fine glass bells.

But we also offer a broad range of other Christmas Pyramids from the Erzgebirge, which can be run with traditional candles, but also childproof with electric lights and drives.