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Christmas Candle Holders

Do you know this typical German Christmas Tradition? We love to light candles in order to make the long grey winter days more pleasant until Christmas Eve. Every Sunday in Advent we light another candle and as soon as all four lights are shining on the Candle Holder it is time for our Christmas presents.

It is not easy to verify the origins of this tradition. The original Christmas wreath from around 1920 was made of evergreens, embellished with bows and candles and has its roots in Hamburg going back to Germanic customs. The wooden Candle Holder with four Candles, on the other hand, has already been used in the Czech Giant Mountains in 1910. Since then, it has been widely spread in Germany and became part of a deeply rooted cultural practice.

Our Candle Holders are made of indigenous wood and can be used with taper candles or with tea lights. The first version is available with four sitting Angel musicians in natural shades (Art.-No. LE 050) or coloured (Art.-No. LEF 050).
The Candle Holder for Tea Lights is equipped with four standing Angels with Pleated Skirts and is available in red (Art.-No. LEF 052T), blue (Art.-No. LEF 054T) and natural (Art.-No. LE 052T). But they can also be bought without Angels (Art.-No. red: LEF 053T, blue: LEF 055T and natural: LE 053T).
All the Candle Holders have big golden wooden stars in their centre which have been assembled elaborately by hand, too.