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New Products 2016

The secret of happiness lies not in possession but in giving. Who makes others happy, will be happy.” (André Gide)

And you know, a small guest or birthday present will always delight the donee and make him smile.

This year our wooden Angel with Pleated Skirt becomes a bearer of luck, too. It has a golden horseshoe for you – the symbol for good luck per se (EK 076 and EKF 076). It is accompanied by an Angel with piccolo (EK 075 and EKF 075). You can easily imagine how the figurine tries to draw sweet and happy sounds from this filigree instrument. The angel figurines are again available with short pleated skirts natural or coloured and with long coloured robes (ELF 075 and ELF 076).

Similar to his companion, an Angel with Long Robe gives away his Heart (EL 063). A second Angel with Long Robe plays a golden Shawm (EL 064).
The new Hanging Angel with Lyre (SE 036 and SEF 036) asks three Angels with Long Pleated Robes to join in with their Violoncello (ELN 027), Bassoon (ELN 029) und Alto Horn (ELN 030). An Angel in a Star swings little golden bells (ES 045 and ESF 045).

The scene is completed with the latest medium sized Angels with Pleated Skirts holding Lanterns and golden Stars while keeping watch over them (EKM 047, EKFM 047 and ELM 047, ELFM 047).

The assortment of Incense Smokers is expanded by a Snowboarder (1531) this year dressed in beautiful bright colours which will delight young and old collectors at the same time.

And when the winter season finally passes, when the sun shines again and the first dainty little buds peek through fresh green grass – then it is time for our new Flower Children. This time they guard a filigree Forget-me-not (BK 027 und BKF 027) and play the slide trombone (BKS 027).