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New Products 2015

Once more, two extraordinary angels appear within our ranges of coloured and natural Short Skirt Angels.

One Angel with Pleated Skirt plays the Alphorn (Art.-No. EK 074, EKF 074 and ELF 074). Did you know that this instrument could be heard as far as 10km, depending on the landscape? It is originated, as the name says, in the Alpine region and is regarded as the national symbol of our neighbouring country Switzerland.

Less traditional, but on the other hand more modern, is our new Angel with Electric Guitar (Art.-No. EK 073, EKF 073 and ELF 073). The instrument is produced with smoked oak wood and appears very precious. It is also the very first of our instruments, which is made of this kind of wood.

The range of Hanging Angels is supplemented with a musician playing maracas (Art.-No. SE 035 and SEF 035) and for the Angels in a Star we have a drum as a new instrument (Art.-No. ES 016 and ESF 016).

Our variety of Angels with Long Pleated Robes now welcomes a conductor (Art.-No. ELN 013), a trombonist (Art.-No. ELN 018), and a German flute player (Art.-No. ELN 028).

And of course we also welcome a new Flower Child this summer (Art.-No. BK 026, BKF 026 and BKS 026)! This year a colourful chrysanthemum is blooming on our Flower Child Meadow.