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Barefoot King I

Barefoot King I

Barefoot King I

In 2010 the Association of Craftspeople and Toymakers of the Erzgebirge Region in Olbernhau and the Folk Art School Oederan initiated a cooperative project with more than 30 artists from all over Germany. The project was entitled “Ab.Gedreht.” (turned off) and gave artists the possibility to present their own view of Erzgebirge Folk Art.

Amongst other things, the Barefoot King by Rolf Büttner came into being and we are proud to have presented it in a limited edition of 100 pieces.

The Barefoot King has character, he goes without excess.

“Above all, I wanted to find out what I could leave off from an ordinary nutcracker without limiting its actual function. In order to characterize this minimized figure again, I gave it a crown and feet – this time made of ceramic. The Barefoot King finally got its individual character by the painting which is different on every item. Always different – one like the other. Just as the people from the Erzgebirge.”

(“Zunächst wollte ich herausfinden, was man an einem üblichen Nussknacker weglassen kann, ohne seine eigentliche Funktion einzuschränken. Um der so minimierten Figur wieder Persönlichkeit zu verleihen, habe ich ihm Krone und Füße gegeben – diesmal aus Keramik. Seine individuelle Note erhielt der Barfußkönig dann endgültig durch die Malerei, die auf jedem Exemplar andere Motive darstellt. Immer anders – einer wie der andere. Genau so, wie die Erzgebirgler eben sind.”)

(Rolf Büttner, certified designer, Augustusburg)