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New Products 2020

This year we are adding three new Angels with Pleated Skirts to the large angel orchestra! The new highlight is undoubtedly the Angel with Drums, whose detailed instrument immediately catches the eye (EK 082, EKF 082 and ELF 082). He is accompanied by an Angel with a Ratchet (EK 083, EKF 083 and ELF 083). To celebrate the company’s 65th anniversary, an Angel with Holiday Wreath (EK 084, EKF 084 and ELF 084) also joins the group.

The Angels with Long Robes now receive bells (ELN 045) and a recorder (ELN 046) and the Angels with bell-shaped robes now play the xylophone (EL 061).

As a special decorative idea, we present a Small Cloud with Tealight Holder (WO 007T and WOF 007T), on which you can put your favorite angel next to a tealight. An ideal gift for all lovers of Angels with Pleated Skirt!

There are also two new decorative angels (EKG 047 E and EGFG 047 E). With a little more than 50 cm height and modern LED lighting, the angels with lantern / star look impressive and give every room a pleasant atmosphere.

In spring you can expect Flower Children with Anthurium (BK 031, BKF 031 and BKS 031) and – long-desired – natural-colored Easter Bunnies (OH 011, OH 017 and OH 026)! The latter play their instruments in a swinging posture and spread a good mood just by looking at them.

Last but not least, in addition to two small Table Pyramids (2150 and 2160), we present an Incense Smoker “Optician” (1745) and a new series of small incense smoking figures. The SmokingGnomes come as GardenGnome (1811) and MinerGnome (1812) and are reminiscent of hard-working, little brownies.

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