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New Products 2019

Underneath the glowing Curved LED Arch from last year, many new Angels with Pleated Skirts are joining the choir this year again. First, a well-known instrument is reissued that has not been produced for many years: the Angel with Cymbals is pleased about new brass instruments. Then we rediscovered a historical instrument: the Psalter is a spherical-sounding instrument which is either plucked or stroked and it can still be found on medieval markets today. It has a decorated body and is played with a fine bow. An Angel with Butterfly accompanies the two. All these angels are available with short or long skirts and in natural wood or coloured.

For the new natural coloured Angels with bell shaped skirts, there is the Balalaika, the Cymbal Timpany and the Cymbals. The Angels with Long Pleated Robe are complemented by HarmonicaTurkish Crescent and Cymbals.

The medium-sized Angels (20 cm) are now completed by an Angel with Electric Arch of Stars. The bow is equipped with an LED band and is nice to look at from both sides.

The Flower Children of this year are autumn tuned with glowing red Mountain Ash berries, and are accompanied by a forest green Pipe Smoker “Fisher”.

Until September 2019, the limited Angels with Electric Guitar and SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS will be produced.