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New Products 2017


It’s that time again – Christmas season has passed, the decoration is stowed away – and yet many collectors are already looking forward to the new Angels with Pleated Skirts that are supposed to complete the Angels’ Orchestra.

This year, the rhythm is played by an Angel with Claves in the ensemble. Its instrument may look simple, but its delicacy is remarkable. Even in this small size it is filigree turned. The second new angel is a very special gift-bearer. It proudly carries a beautiful Candle Arch in his small hands. The angel presents a typical work of craftsmanship, which is definitely part of every Christmas Decoration in any family, here. The candle arch is so accurately worked that you can clearly see the typical Erzgebirge motif.

The collection of hanging angels is supplemented by an Angel with Bassoon and an Angel in the Star with Banjo. The orchestra of the Angels with Long Pleated Robes has new musicians playing the Viola, Tuba and Panpipes. Finally, two Angels with Cornucopia and Melodica join the natural-colored Angels with Long Robes.

For spring, we welcome you in the brightest colours with our new Flower Children. A delicately carved Poppy blossoms in bright red, gracefully worn by a flower girl. A real eye-catcher!

The latest fellow of our Pipe Smokers is just as eye-catching. The postman is off to work in a radiant uniform to quickly get all the packages – and presents – on the way.