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Angel Clouds

We offer you a wide range of presentation units for your angel collection which surely will catch everyone’s attention.
You could expose your beloved Angels with Pleated Skirts on our decorative Angel Clouds with two to four levels, which are available in plain wood (Art.-No. WOS 010, WOS 001, WOS 005), or coloured in a heavenly blue shade (Art.-No. WOFS 001, WOFS 010, WOFS 005). Should your collection grow larger, you could add a so-called Cloud Extension to the left (Art.-No. WOS 005 L, WOFS 005 L) and to the right (Art.-No. WOS 005 R, WOFS 005 R) in order to create more space.

Since 2001 we also produce an outstanding Cloud Back Panel (Art.-No. WOS RW, WOFS RW), where you can also display Hanging Angels.

Of course, we offer a lush green Meadow for our Flower Children, too (Art.-No. WOG 005).