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Incense Smokers

There is a well-known, traditional Christmas carol in the Erzgebirge, where it goes:

„Wenn es Raachermannel nabelt un es sat kaa Wort drzu,
un dr Raach steigt an dr Deck nauf,
jo do sei mr alle fruh.”

(When the Incense Smoker is smoking and he doesn’t say a word,
then the smoke is rising to the ceiling
and everyone is joyous.)


And indeed, our Incense Smokers really spread a little joy! There is something to suit everyone’s taste: we offer Small Tubby Smokers, Pipe Smokers, Smoking Houses and Smoking Stoves.

Some of our Incense Smokers also represent typical professions. Wouldn’t that make the perfect gift for your Tax Consultant (Art.-No. 1736), your Postman (Art.-No. 1731, 1175), or maybe your Boss (Art-No. 1727)?

Or, are you looking for something really special? Franz Karl invented a particular production method for Incense Smokers that has also been patented. He first burned the wood for the Smokers and then brushed it. In doing so, those Smokers got a very unique visual character while emphasizing the beauty of the material.

Traditionally, Erzgebirge Incense Smokers are male. But what is a world without women? We offer a range of happy female Smokers, too. Should you look for a fine “Lady” (Art.-Nr. 1171), or rather a rustic Cook with a bowl of hot dumplings (Art.-No.1191) we could help you out. In this range of Smokers different professions could be found, too. It is your choice.