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German Nutcrackers

Wooden Nutcrackers are produced in the Erzgebirge region since the 19th century. Often these decorative figures wear a grim expression – as they are the reminiscents of former authorities like kings, hussars, hunters and woodsmen. Habitually they are embellished with fine furs, precious borders, leather, cords and chains to support their splendour gowns.

Traditionally, we also offer proud Kings (Art.-No. 3040, 3041), brave Hussars (Art.-No. 3025, 3026) and gallant Horsemen, known as “Reiterlein”, (Art.-No. 3025 REIT, 3026 REIT). But we took traditions to a modern age with our cheeky Skier (Art.-No 3074), the athletic Alpinist (Art.-No. 3060), or the busy Toy Maker (Art.-Nr. 3027).

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