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New Products 2014

Christmas time is a time of contemplation and comfort. So what is better then than meeting up with your beloved – traditionally in candle light – and appreciating this time?

You can now upgrade your festive table with ordinary tea light candles by using our new Christmas Candle Holders. The Candle Holders are equipped with four of our famous angel musicians and are available in natural wood (Art.-No LE 052T) or coloured in red (Art.-No. LEF 052T) and blue (Art.-No. LEF 054T). But you are also free to present your own angel collection on top of these Candle Holders, as they are also available without angels (Art.-No. LE 053T, LEF 053T and LEF 055T).

Further, we have added new musicians to the range of Angels with Pleated Skirts: one playing a kettledrum with cymbal (Art.-No. EK 072, EKF 072 and ELF 072) and one playing a balalaika (Art.-No. EK 071, EKF 071 and ELF 071). Our Hanging Angels now listen to a banjo (Art.-No. SE 034 and SEF 034). Of course, all these angels are available in natural wood or coloured.

We also welcome three new Angels with Long Pleated Skirts: a trumpeter (Art.-No. ELN 017), a drummer (Art.-No. ELN 016) and an accordion player (Art.-No. ELN 012). You can find an oboe player in the range of Angels in a Star (Art.-No. ES 034 and ESF 034), too.

Should you celebrate or take part in a wedding this year (or whenever) – we offer a beautiful gift idea: a bridal couple made from natural wood (Art.-No. WO 004-4) proceeds on a romantic cloud – floating off into seventh heaven! They are also available in a coloured version, walking on a lush green meadow (Art.-No. WOG 004-4). It is up to you!