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Exclusively for Specialised Retailers

Various shops throughout Germany are members of the Specialised Retailers Association for Erzgebirge Folk Art. With their membership they guarantee to solely sell original products from the Erzgebirge.

As a member of the Association of Craftspeople and Toymakers of the Erzgebirge Region, we produce a specific group of angels for the Specialised Retailers Association which is annually limited and only available at member shops.

Group of Angels with Pleated Skirts „Christmas Dream“

Several Blank Angels with Pleated Skirts are very busy on a small Cloud (Art.-No. WO 006 and WOF 006) today: they are decorating an opulent Christmas Tree (Art.-No. WB and WBF) enlighted with little candles. All little angels work hand in hand. One Angel decorates the Christmas tree with Golden Ball Ornaments (Art.-No. EK-M 006, EKF-MF 006 and ELF-MF 006), while another one kneels next to him handing more decorative items in a box (Art.-Nr. EK-M 007, EKF-MF 007). A third wooden Angel holds a Little Horseman (Art.-Nr. EK-M 008, EKF-MF 008 und ELF-MF 008), a typical Erzgebirge decoration, which he surely wants to place next to the tree. Next to these, another Angel decorates the tree with golden bells (Art.-Nr. EKM-009EKF-MF 009 und ELF-MF 009) for a ringing Christmas magic.

The group of figurines is made by hand in our workshop in Grünhainichen and is available in different versions: Angels with Short Skirts Natural, Angels with Short Skirts Coloured and Angels with Long Robes Coloured. Of course, they are certified, original products of Erzgebirge Craftsmanship.