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The BLANK Annual Editions

Everything started in 2016 with the company’s relocating to the newly renovated building in Chemnitzer Strasse in Gruenhainichen. At that time, we produced a Pleated Skirt Angel with a Tree of Life to celebrate this event as part of the opening of the new Kunststube (our local store).

The tree of life symbolizes the new beginning, our rooting with the traditions of the Erzgebirge and is a positive sign for the future. The figures were limited to the year 2016 and are no longer available.

In 2017, due to the positive feedback from our collectors, the Angel with Ladybug followed. It is not only a lucky messenger, but always a welcome gift. He too was made only one year. A bright red ladybug sits on a delicate oak leaf (made of smoked oak). On the wrist of the angel hangs a small, golden plaque with the year.

In 2018 follows the Angel with Pleated Skirt® and Flower of Life. This collector’s item carries a finely crafted brass plaque, which is set in a tin frame including the year. It shows endlessly interwoven circles that merge into a flower of life. The symbol is often found in art and architecture, but is often used as a positive energy symbol.

In 2019 an Angel with Lucky Dice is released. The Angel with Pleated Skirt carries two small cubes in a box lined with green velvet in front of him. A brass plaque shows the year of the annual edition. Did this angel make the “big hit”?